I Promise Not To Give Up Neither Should You


Life…., it can really take you down and leave you wanting to tear yourself down with tears running down your face until your eyes become sour and red.
It’s been a while now, so many years have passed and yet my life is riddled with holes of punctured out dreams deflating with each day I spend in my harsh world, the good book also re-affirms my suspicions as it says a person without a dream/hope is dead. I stand to be corrected as I may be wrong but that’s all I remember from the good book, as am almost out I can feel it from deep within myself. And that’s what I fear the most, being dead in a vibrant world.

It keeps me up at night, it has made me do things I would have never wanted to have done. In terms of rebranding, am probably the most over rebranded person in the entire world and I wouldn’t mind if someone thinks that is weird as even I myself think it is and sometimes I can’t even recognize myself but that’s what it takes to survive in such a fast paced world.

I always ask myself if there is a chance for me in this unjust world that is pleasing everyone but me, and the thing that runs in my mind is that the same unjust world is also full of surprises and good breaks that are waiting for us to shape up in order to realize them. By that I will not ever give up on searching for that sweet spot that is destined for me and neither should you as the greatest things happen when you least expect them to.


“We Human…!” Let’s Not Forget That

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As human beings we are built and designed by our creator to give and receive love, and not only that by sheer free will we are inclined to share almost every part of our lives to people whom we trust and those again willing to hear and offer themselves to help us bring ourselves back to a happy state when we feeling a little blue which is the most beautiful thing that humans do that brings us together as we share all the ups and downs this world has to offer.

Unfortunately over the years.. ; Extremely knowledgeable generations have come up due to the world becoming a global village which is a great thing as having and sharing of information is the freedom of thoughts, and it’s an amazing time to live in as access to information is always readily available no matter where you are in the world due to the world wide network.
With all these advancements happening around as at very fast pace especially on the consumption of internet information, Rich Mind Opinion feels human beings are becoming insensitive to each other like never before seen. With the internet taking grip of the world as the most effective and easy way of accessing information and finding opportunities which is a great thing, in its shadows lies a vice that is eating through our society faster than a speeding bullet.

With all its goodness, the internet has a downside and that is it spreads hate and disdain faster than it can create peace. We have increased cases of internet bullying and I can’t even begin to talk about the dark web that is sometimes regarded as a myth. And there isn’t much we can do limit this free flow of information.
Rich mind believes that modern generations have become insensitive as they began to share; their emotions, dreams and insecurities with this entity that has no feeling nor emotions as it was not designed to do so, instead what they are offered back instead of comfort is ridicule and disdain which is destroying the lives of many young people.

Creators of this infrastructure didn’t fathom the power this almost free and greatly becoming a human need would have to the social growth of communities and countries. This beautiful infrastructure has led to a double sided society, a split identity society in which we are inclined more to share our real self’s with this medium and the most unfortunate of them all entrusting your intimate details to people miles away who can’t even feel your pain as they don’t know your circumstances and become insensitive to your pain as they don’t care and they will never do.

It is not too late to change the course of our future generations, it’s time we turned the tables on those who spread hate and pain through our global village, they are just a few percentage compared to those who preach peace, love, and tolerance within different cultures; let us all get typing, for every single hate message out there let us put out ten times more peace, love, and tolerance messages out there to show peace will always prevail.
Also let us disconnect our personal and intimate details from this online service and entrust it back to our friends and family they may not be perfect but they will always tell you the right thing and they will always offer comfort no matter what you through at them. There is nothing as beautiful as being comfortable in your own skin, let’s be real to each other and live in the physical world and we will realize sitting and talking to each other without using our phones isn’t old school its human and that’s what we are and that’s what will forever be.

Inspire Someone Today


I have read tons of inspiring messages and watched numerous videos of the same and I have never heard a more inspiring message than the one in Henry Rollins video…; as a Young Person, The message speaks specifically to you but should inspire everyone because we all have a role in shaping the future for each and every one of us across our nation.
Even with all the negativity in the world, I truly believe there is more positive than negative and that the media makes us think otherwise. It can be scary for everyone. And more importantly, it can negatively influence the decisions we make in our lives. The message Rollins put through is that…;
“You will encounter people who never have to pay in full in life, they get to wreck the room and never have to clean it,” they can get all the way through high school and never have to understand where the money comes from because they just get it given to them. But you got what you got, so you got to make the most of it. You really can’t spend a whole lot of time worrying about others; you must go for your own, If you have an idea of what you want to do in your future, you must go at it with almost monastic obsession…….;
What I wanted to impact in you today is to keep your mind open to new ideas and ways of doing things. A closed mind is one where you only see things your way, keep a positive attitude no matter what the issue is for those who have achieved success do not stop, they never become complacent, they keep learning and looking for the new knowledge. Never think you have made it, there is always more to learn and do.” And always remember you have incredible skills and abilities to. Don’t compare yourself to others; let God help you become who He designed you to be. You have gifts and abilities that you have yet to discover and develop, so don’t lose hope! (1 Timothy 4:14 “Neglect not the gift that is in thee…”)

Where Did The Real Helpers Go…?

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Rich mind opinions thinks society has taken a turn for the worse, we are quickly forgetting the values of friendships, good neighborliness’ and the most painful one is we have lost the spirit of giving without any want in return, That’s why for me it’s always a privilege having a sit down with my grandfather and getting to know how everything worked in the not so distant past, how every child was a child of the community and news of your mischief reached home before you despite the lack of mobile connectivity and there was no room for negotiation when it come to gladly receive your punishment.

Out of all these stories, one always stands out to me. I recall one story where my Grandfather Said that back then, getting help from the community was easy no matter the level of request asked and a way to assist was always granted with no payment plan in play and all you had to do as the honorable person whom received the favor was to come calling when others needed a helping hand assisting with the abilities you had at hand.
What a beautiful society that was that now we can only imagine off and write about in our blogs and books, praising the good old days that will never see, that our children will never experience as we have become a distrustful and self centered people who only think about themselves. We have even gone a step further by putting our misinformed trusts in institutions such as banks and other lending entities to fill this gap and they are doing a terrible job in destroying the lives of people by offering a painful helping hand and ironically we are not trying anything to avoid them after all we are a selfish society as along as you’re okay you become blind to the madness in front of you.

“What Happened To The Real Helpers, And Where Did They Go..?” Rich mind is no professional expert but thinks they are still alive in each and every one of us but distrust has buried them deep to the point they can’t be felt. To put it plain and simple we have become Imperialist, Dictators and Capitalist which is good for your own personal life but bad for the society.
As Dictators we dictate on whom we should help and this one only helps those who help you, as Capitalist we help those who will help us rise higher in our ambitions and as Imperialists we want to affect, infect and tax on everyone we help with our own ambitions and weaknesses which is not fair by all means.

Genuinely I know there are true helpers out there willing to help without anything in return, unfortunately them alone can’t change the mindset of the entire society it is up to each and every one of us to awaken their inner helpers let’s find our inner humanity back if not for us for our children to enjoy what we enjoyed for a short while; for them it will not only be for a life time but forever, let’s bring back our community of helpers and stop being extortionists for the sake of our children’s future and for own peace of mind.

Want To Be Happy: Have a Committed Relationship

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What is in a relationship in today’s modern world..? Rich mind opinions has been drawn towards this murky topic as it seems all is not well with how we handling ourselves out there.
According to night times on an article done in 2001, titled “Young Love, The Good the Bad and the Educational” according to a research done there is more negative responses in young relationships to what they called it due to “Certain Randomness” and superficiality in their relationships. Rich mind can’t put it any better and according to me this randomness also affects the more mature generation who are more experienced in dating.

Superficiality and randomness in relationships comes about when people look at what is hot now instead of focusing on the long-term issues of the relationship that will come up when all the hotness has ended, examples of superficiality and randomness in our relationships include one night stands, hookups and online dating where you never really know how the other feels about you and continued over indulgence in such relations brings about distrust to everyone involved.

One of the biggest influencers of our relationships is the media and all the internet resources available today. Many are times we get engulfed in our favorite programs, music videos and celebrity reality shows that we forget there is a real world out there so beautiful than what you are being shown, and the most important is that there isn’t a life like that, all you seeing is the creativeness of a genius who captures all your senses. And before I start getting angry emails let me say all these programs out there are not bad at all if at the end you’re able to snap back and get back to reality, they only become bad when you don’t come back from them and anything happening in your love life no matter how small and in adequate it maybe you refer to your favorite soap that even so and so went through the same; This toxic thought train is the number one killer of all modern relationships and we must stop equating our relationships to what is portrayed in the media for a mental shift to take place.

On a more positive note as I exit it possible to have committed relationships as the cycle we have created for ourselves can be broken. The last five pointers are thoughts and suggestions. They may not apply to everyone but all I hope is that they will change the way we love and bring back positive relationships.

1. Try to be emotionally vulnerable and honest by expressing your emotions with less filter and this may lead to amazing connections as you share your insecurities with each other.

2. Understand that rejection is not a reflection of yourself or that you are bad. It just means you’re not compatible; try not to be angry, obsessive and depressed, because a relationship requires a connection between two people not just one.

3. Refrain from ghosting, if you do not want to see the other person again, just tell them. Ghosting is damaging as the other person thinks there is still hope where it isn’t and erodes their trust in other people and most people appreciate someone being straight forward with their feelings.

4. Compliment each other, not only for looks but also on their skills and interests and any positive thing they do and achieve. It’s amazing what a simple compliment can do to a person.

5. Do not be afraid when someone likes you, when they are attracted and interested in you; value those moments as somebody has decided that you’re a great enough person for them to want to be with you. Conversely do not value people who do not value you.

Maybe this will lead you to a much happier life, but what I know is that building new actual connections is what we all want in the end and that is to be happy.

Suggestions quoted from (when did love become un-cool)


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Parents should understand that, children have a say to the career paths they want to be in no matter how ill informed the career choice might seem to be, many are times when parents being the supreme law dictate this life choices to their sons and daughters and if statistics are to go by, those children whom career choices are dictated unto them most of them do not see through their first year of their courses and if they do manage the results are often poor and this situation quickly leads to condemnation and resentment from both parties involved one saying how much money they have invested in it and the other saying it was not their path to follow.

Rich minds opinion is that, all this can be avoided if a common ground can be achieved..; as a parent you always want nothing but the best for your child. for example if you’re a lawyer, you can be inclined to tow your child to your career of choice or even want him/her to go higher than you maybe a judge; nothing will make you more happier than them following the family trade but immediately they choose not to tow the line and opt for what you consider an inferior career you stone wall them and force them into career path’s they are not interested in and all you have to do as a parent or guardian is guide, interpret and find an in between solution to what you consider as an misinformed idea.

What most parents don’t understand is that children are not there to replace them; if you are a manager in your own firm, well and good but do not expect your child to slip into your shoes if they are not interested. Instead guide and interpret for them the pros and cons of their chosen path , it’s a brave new world out there full of endless possibilities and you will love what they will become when you entrust them with this decision.